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IOWA’S WEST COAST INITIATIVE (IWCI) is pleased to announce the hiring of Stacy Orndorff as Entrepreneurial Community Navigator. Earlier this year IWCI was awarded a grant from the Entrepreneurial Investment Awards Program administered by Iowa Economic Development Authority. The program awards grants to groups providing technical and financial assistance to entrepreneurs and startup companies seeking to create, locate or expand business in Iowa. 

IOWA’S WEST COAST INITIATIVE is a partnership of economic development organizations in Monona, Plymouth and Woodbury counties working together to increase entrepreneurial activity and support small business growth in Northwest Iowa. Established in 2015, IWCI is led by a leadership team of local economic developers and community stake holders in all three counties. In December 2019, Renae Billings who serves on Sioux City’s economic development team as a project specialist, and part of IWCI’s leadership team, applied for the grant through the Entrepreneurial Investment Awards Program. In February 2020, IWCI was awarded $185,000 to support a full-time staff position over two years to find, guide and nurture entrepreneurs in the three-county region. After conducting interviews with several top-quality candidates, IWCI was very excited to offer the position to Stacy Orndorff. 

Stacy comes to IWCI with a successful entrepreneurial track record. She is the founder and owner of Heartland Coffee & Nosh, LLC which operates the very popular food truck, Heartland Coffee and Nosh. In addition to her successful food truck business, Stacy also spends time helping small businesses and startups succeed as an independent consultant and instructor for Business Blenders. “Stacy is a perfect fit for what IOWA’S WEST COAST INITIATIVE is trying to accomplish. She’s an entrepreneur who built a successful business from the ground up, which puts her in a unique position to help aspiring entrepreneurs and founders along their journey,” said Billings. “Having her on board full-time to lead this initiative every day is very exciting. We are all looking forward to the energy and excitement Stacy will bring to our mission,” continued Billings.   

Siouxland is ripe for entrepreneurship and startups. With a long history of successful companies throughout the region, the hiring of Orndorff brings a great starting point for anyone who has thought about or is thinking about starting a business no matter how big or small. With tremendous resources in all three counties, IWCI and Orndorff can help connect early stage entrepreneurs with the experience and expertise needed to launch a new venture.

For more information about the support and services IOWA’S WEST COAST INITIATIVE can provide, please contact Stacy Orndorff at 712-870-0436 or stacy@simpco.org

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