A prosperous Monona County means more business for your company or organization!

MCEDP is a public-private, non-profit organization that promotes countywide economic development.  It is a strong partnership supported by corporate, small business,  and public investments guided by a pro-business Board of Directors.

We support Communities, Businesses, and Organizations for free – but we don’t exist without the funding of our partners.

Here is a glance at what we provide:

Monona County Businesses and Community Support – $FREE

MCEDP connects with all of the right resources so you can spend less time searching and more time doing what you do best – business. Need information about expansion funding, a succession plan, business plan help, site selection assistance, product testing facilities, start-up grants? Perhaps you are unsure of exactly what you need? We have a resource for that. This service is available to all Monona County businesses whether you are an MCEDP partner or not! A prosperous community is good for business. We serve on many community and organizational committees in an effort to provide economic development resources and represent the business community. Because each Monona County community is unique, our role within each community and organization varies depending on the projects and goals of that community or organization. For some it is promoting tourism in the Loess Hills, for others it’s housing development or downtown beautification. If your project goals align with our economic development mission, count us in!

Five convenient investment levels are available.  We can’t do this alone. 

Choose the investment level that best suits your budget and desired participation level. It’s easy to join!

Recognition in our annual report

Recognition year round on the partners page of our website

Eligibility to be elected at-large onto MCEDP Board of Directors 

Eligibility to be elected to MCEDP task force committees

Eligibility to be featured in Monona County annual marketing video

Eligible for Small Business to Business Exchange

Associate Level Partner Benefits

Annual Social Media Business Feature

Company listing on the footer of our website

Advocate Level Partner Benefits

Annual Blog Feature

Eligible for Corporate Business to Business Exchange

Visionary Level Partner Benefits

Automatic seat on MCEDP Board of Directors during partnership

Company logo on left panel of all website pages

Guaranteed feature in Monona County Promotional Video

Event Sponsorship for all of MCEDP events

Leader Level Partner Benefits

Monthly Social Media Promotion

Prominent recognition on all MCEDP collateral

Logo Featured in the credits of the Monona County Promotional Video

When you support the Monona County Economic Development Partnership (MCEDP) through your tax-deductible investment, you become an active participant in the creation of a vibrant business climate where every business can achieve its economic potential and provide jobs for residents in our community.

What will my investment fund?

  • The development, expansion, and attraction of primary target industries to foster economic growth.
  • Aggressive marketing to help tell the story of Monona County to corporate executives, real estate professionals, site selectors, and others that influence business relocation decisions.
  • Research to help Monona County make more targeted decisions.
  • The development of talent and workforce programs to meet the needs of local businesses.

Read More About Our Organization’s Mission

How will I know what MCEDP is doing?

We encourage your participation as the best way to stay informed—take part in one of the committees!  You can also sign up HERE to receive our regularly-scheduled eNewsletters and the MCEDP Year End Report.

By investing in MCEDP, you are making an investment and commitment to the economic expansion of Monona County.

Who else is a partner?

Our Leader – Level partners include: Monona County, The City of Onawa, Minnihan Law Firm, and Western Iowa Power Cooperative.

Click HERE to view the entire list of our partners.

Some of our marketing benefits explained:

Eligibility to be featured in Monona County annual marketing video

MCEDP will produce an annual video to highlight unique aspects of living, working, and owning a business in Monona County. If you are a partner of MCEDP, you will be eligible to be featured in this video. The businesses that are showcased in each video depend on the theme and the message we are trying to convey. Our 2018-2019 Video “It’s time to come back” went viral on Facebook reaching over 60,000 people. We expect following videos to have the same, if not greater, impact.

Eligible for Business to Business Exchange

MCEDP uses local business for all of its needs ranging from printing services, sign creation, meals for meetings, event space rental, banking (corporate), etc. When you are a parter of MCEDP, we focus mainly on doing this business with you.

Annual Social Media Business Feature

All of our advocate partners get space on our social media platforms for an annual shout out. We will feature your business and provide a link back to your services. This is one way we like to publicly say thank you!

Annual Blog Feature

Our blog platform is our virtual voice! This is how we stand out in an online sea full of information. We will do a complete write-up about each of our Visionary Partners and feature it on our website, newsletter, and social media. Our website had over 4800 page views in 2019 . This is a greater reach than most traditional forms of advertising!

Company logo on side panel of all website pages

With your logo placed on our website sidebar, a view for our page, also means a view for your business! That means that every time someone follows a link to our website for information, they are exposed to your brand!

Are you ready to join MCEDP?

Fill out this simple form, and we will send you the info you need to get involved!